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Version 1.02 - 26 September 2012
Fixed a crashing bug introduced by the compression.

Version 1.01 - 25 September 2012
Fixes the Lenardo-crippling shotfun bug. Some minor graphical glitches fixed. Dialogue compressed by 50%. Typos fixed.

Version 1.00.1 BANDAID edition - 24 September 2012
Stops a potential game destroying bug but doesn't correct the underlying cause. A proper fix will be forthcoming but use this in the meantime.

Version 1.00 - 23 September 2012

A readme file is included with the patch. For help, discussion or bug reports, please visit the message board.


Energy Breaker
Energy Breaker is an isometric strategy RPG developed by Neverland Co. and released by Taito Corporation in 1996. You play as Myra, an amnesiac young woman with a thirst for adventure. The story begins with Myra being visited in a dream by a mysterious woman calling herself Selphia, only to meet her in real life the next day. On the advice of Selphia, Myra heads to Eltois, the Wind Forest, hoping to catch up with a man who may know about her past. Shortly after arriving at the Wind Forest, Myra joins up with Lenardo, an old scientist who's hunting for the Reincarnation, a legendary flower whose scent is said to have the power to bring the dead back to life...

The Translation
12 years in the making, this unofficial translation makes Energy Breaker available in English for the first time. It includes extensive reprogramming to allow for features such as proportional fonts, and a lovingly translated and polished script that puts it head and shoulders above most official translations of contemporary games. For more background on the translation, see the readme included with the patch!


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Translation assistance:
Avicalendriya, Filler, shivalva

Beta testing:
Ballz, Gideon Zhi, RadicalR, Sheex

Energy Breaker TM, © 1996 Taito Corporation. All rights reserved.
This fan translation is provided for free and should not be sold.